Business needs addressable by ReeDee

Extract data from a wide range of documents

ReeDee helps you to extract and check various parameters from your contracts or ready detailed information from a wide range of bank account statements. Moreover ReeDee will check the documents in PDF or image format for fraudulent modification.

Verify customers in real-time

Use ReeDee to verify personal ID against live camera feed and check the extracted data against anti-fraud databases ReeDee will also help you to comply with regulations requiring biometric liveliness check using a standard web or cell phone camera.

Automate your onboarding process

ReeDee helps you to validate customer’s data in seconds from their scanned personal documents and allows real-time mobile-based secure onboarding You can also use ReeDee for back-office operation to automate document data extraction.

Key benefits of ReeDee

Speeding up the onboarding process

Manual planning costs are reduced up to 80% and time is reduced up to 90%.

AI-powered information recognition

Less errors than human transcription

Real-time fraud checks

Lower levels of application fraud

Customizable to different documents

Fitting into any business

Main technical features

Near real-time recognition

Requires seconds to process two sides of a personal ID​

Maximal level of accuracy

Utilizes several checks on a document to verify correctness of recognized data

Connectors to all major fraud databases​

ReeDee validates all information about anti-fraud databases and registers​

Easy to use REST API​

The platform can be accessed by other systems easily​

GDPR compatible

ReeDee does not store any data, it can anonymize fields in the image or it can be hosted on premise without sending data outside the company

How we deploy ReeDee

ReeDee can be utilized either as a service hosted by Blindspot Solutions. In this setup, ReeDee API is used to send documents and receive recognized information.

Also, ReeDee can be deployed on premise of the customer, such that no data is sent outside of company IT infrastructure.

Case study: Speeding up back-office personal ID check process

In numerous companies, the onboarding process required a person ID to be scanned and sent for ID check including information recognition and fraud check. This process can take hours or even days and typically tens of people are employed to process the IDs.

In Zonky, Czech peer-to-peer lending company, we automated a significant portion of the process, where ReeDee reads all information in seconds and thus significantly speeds up the

onboarding process. Thus, only problematic and unreadable IDs fall back to the human-driven process.

We also deployed ReeDee for bank account statement recognition, automatically checking data from statements of all major Czech banks. ReeDee runs, thus no data leaves company infrastructure, fully complying with GDPR.

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